Instant Effects is an independent British beauty brand at the forefront of scientific and technological research with a reputation of making sure that every claim and promise is independently clinically tested and proven.


With a unique combination of hyaluronic spheres, plant actives and our unique, patented OX2 Technology, Instant Effects’ ingredients work collaboratively with the skin’s metabolism for real and visible results in minutes.



The creator of Instant Effects, Richard Mears has been in the industry for over 25 years, working alongside some of the biggest global named brands, helping to create some of the best-selling beauty products on the market.


In 2009, he became jaded with being asked by major brands to formulate products that did not truly deliver the efficacy he knew that end customers actually craved. Having extensively researched customers’ needs and frustrations with the industry, he set about reating a brand that would not only satisfy the need and continued request for something that actually worked, but to also do it within categories that demanded clinically proven results.



All of our products revolve around our patented, highly advanced technology OX2. This oxygen transfer technology is one of the core formulations that allows Instant Effects to deliver the results exactly as promised.


OX2 Technology is expertly formulated to allow the skin to absorb more oxygen for up to 24 hours (dependent on product used), which naturally causes an increase in blood flow as the body automatically targets high concentration areas of oxygen. The increased level of oxygen and the nutrients that new blood delivers to the skin are crucial to the optimal healing process of fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles (poor circulation areas), plus it gives you a healthy glow.


Our patented technology comes in three levels of potency, OX2, OX2+, OX2PRO